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The Mental Keys For Success In Sales

"There are many great books and ideas. "However, after reading The Mental Keys For Success In Sales, if I were to be told I could only have one book to train and ensure the success of my sales organization, then without a doubt that ONE BOOK would be this book by Michael Anthony."

- Lee Fogle, VP at Genpact

"Michael has accomplished in just 100 pages what tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of corporate sales training cannot."

- Bill Foley, Amazon 5 Star Review

Why "The Mental Keys" Will Increase Your Sales

The Mental Keys For Success In Sales explains how your emotions affect the chemistry of your brain and your electromagnetic field which has a great influence on whether your prospect likes and trust you which, in turn, impacts their decision to buy from you.

Your brain secretes chemicals corresponding to your thoughts and emotions that affect your performance, creativity, health, energy, intuition, and everything about you. When you are negative you are not only wasting valuable time on negative self-talk, you are lowering your brains chemistry which takes away from your natural ability to perform and sell at much higher levels.

To increase your sales, all you need to do is reduce your negative self-talk that is sabotaging your performance and costing you sales, especially if you hate prospecting and have any fear when selling. The Mental Keys For Success In Sales gives you a step-by-step process that shows you how to get rid of your inner demons and increase your sales. Plus, it shows you how to get your prospects to trust you and want to do business with you.

By increasing your awareness of how your mind functions and processes information, you will increase your sales and success in all your endeavors.

"Michael Anthony's book The Mental Keys For Success In Sales is a must read for everyone in sales. His book takes much fear and frustration out of the process and makes it fun!"

- Norine Neyhouse, Real Estate Broker, Coldwell Banker

Olympians have used Michael's mental training insights to win Gold and Silver Medals in the Olympics. Thousands of golfers are using them to lower their score. Michael's success formula has been battle tested in the competitive arena and will increase your sales if you use it.

Now, you can have access to these same secrets that will increase your awareness and success in sales. The Mental Keys Training Program makes selling much easier and more productive by eliminating your negative self-talk that is costing you sales. Even if you are a super positive person like the Olympians that I have helped, you still have negative thoughts and emotions that will continue to repeat and cost you sales unless you train your mind to think differently.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

- Albert Einstein

If you take an honest look at your emotional strengths and weaknesses, the valuable insights revealed in this short 101 page book will show you step-by-step how to improve your mental game and increase your sales. The only questions remaining are, "Do you have a strong desire to increase your sales and an open mind to try new ideas?" If you do, selling will never be the same after reading Michael Anthony’s The Mental Keys For Success In Sales.

"This is a life changing book. I have used many of the best, time-tested, as well as current sales training books and methods to train thousands of sales people in my 34 year technology career.

There are many great books and ideas. "However, after reading The Mental Keys For Success In Sales, if I were to be told I could only have one book to train and ensure the success of my sales organization, then without a doubt that ONE BOOK would be this book by Michael Anthony."

- Lee Fogle, Vice President at Genpact

"Michael's book The Mental Keys For Success In Sales is one of the best books written on the psychology of sales. The book is well written describing the best way to improve your focus and performance in sales.

"I recommend this book for any business in sales, or sales professionals new or experienced. If you follow the recommendations in this book - sales success will follow."

- Nan Hruby, Sales Consultant, Trainer

Don’t take my word for it. Read this game changing book and find out for yourself how much you can improve your mental game and increase your sales. It’s a quick read and well worth the time to fit reading it into your busy schedule. Amazon’s stats show that the typical time to read this short 101 page book is only 1 hour and 46 minutes.

"No question, this is a 5 star book. I have been in B2B sales for over thirty years, I read a lot of books just once. But,this book, The Mental Keys For Success In Sales is different, I have read it three times in the last couple of months. Every time I read it , I get more awareness out of it. This is a book that takes you to the next level and is a book that really teaches you how to think. It has taken me to a new level of awareness of the never ending need for mental training for my greater success.

- Tom Bagel, Account Executive at Capital Contractors, Inc.
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“Now, with his The Mental Keys For Success In Sales, the sales world has a valuable guide for handling the many negative emotions experienced while selling. This book will allow you to take advantage of your true potential and the many opportunities available in sales!

“This is not an A to Z sales training book. This is the book that must accompany those training books. Mental training is not included in most sales books, courses, or training programs. Finally, It's HERE! Work on your product knowledge, company specific sales skills, and study The Mental Keys For Success In Sales. If you do, you will become the salesperson you desire to be.”

- From the book's Foreword by Jeff Taylor, 25-Year Veteran in the Field of Sales

“Michael, I have your (mental keys golf) book and have been working hard on all of your principles you talk about. I can say that you relate better to me than any of the other Psychologists and books I have read on the mental aspect of life/golf.

“That means--Deborah Graham/Jon Stabler--who are good friends of mine, Chuck Hogan, Bob Rotella, Norman Vincent Peale, Maxwell Maltz, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Robert Coop, Guy Fasciana, James Allen, Ben Hogan, Og Mandino, Patrick Cohen, Robert Winters, Johnny Revolta, William James, Napoleon Hill, etc....

“Not that all those people didn't help me arrive at where I'm at, but you have a way of saying things that one can actually put into practice. Thank you!!!!”

- Todd Sandow, PGA, Professional/Golf Course Owner

The secret to success in sports and sales is to be the master of your thoughts and emotions no matter what challenges you face. How to eliminate your frustrations, doubts, negative self-talk, and much more is explained in the mental training program revealed in Michael's book. Increasing your awareness of how to develop a powerful mental state will reduce your downtime and missed opportunities caused by your negative thoughts and emotions. This book takes the bumps out of the up and down emotional roller coaster ride of sales.

Bottom Line: Reading this book will Increase Your Sales.

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P.S. Attention Sales Managers and Trainers

If you are a Sales Manager or Trainer, why not help your sales team increase their sales by improving their mental game? All you have to do is email this link www.MentalKeysForSales.com to your sales reps and recommend that they read this book. Click here for an Action Plan and Sample Email.

If you implement this Action Plan, your sales team will spend more time selling and waste less time with their negative self-talk that is costing both of you sales. For your sales reps that are in a rut, this book will help get them back on track. The valuable insights revealed in The Mental Keys For Success In Sales will save you thousands of dollars on sales training and will increase your sales.

"I have read your sales book and enjoyed it very much. It is inspiring stuff, and you have made these topics very accessible. I particularly enjoyed the process vs. outcomes treatment, and the slant towards zen - absolutely agree it requires a change in mindset to focus on the process vs. outcomes.

"I really enjoyed your discussion on EMF fields, and eye-opening that others can feel one’s thoughts even when one is just thinking about them. Lots to digest and assimilate.  Thank you for this important piece of work."

- Sanjoy Bagchi, Co-Founder, Sumantra Sports LLC

"Powerful book! Anyone in SALES should buy a copy!"

- Joseph Houle, V.P. Strategic Development, Exhibit Source Inc.
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Michael Anthony's Personal Awareness Coaching

Reading Michael's The Mental Keys For Success In Sales will give you valuable insights into what goes into creating a great mental game as well as a step-by-step explanation of how to increase your success for sales as well as your life.

However, if you dare to dream big and have a strong desire to take your awareness to its highest level to give you an extra edge, you can retain Michael's Personal Awareness Coaching services. Michael only works with powerful individuals who are passionate about living their dreams and making a positive difference in the world. During these sessions Michael will fine-tune your understanding of The Mental Keys Training Program explained in his books and help you achieve your dreams whatever they may be. Click here for more information.

"Michael is an amazing writer and motivator. There is a common theme to all his books which I enjoy, indirect reflections upon how we each see "the world". Whether that "world" be Sales, Happiness, Golf, etc. Michael hones in on the subject by showing the reader how first to read themselves.

"The Mental Keys For Success In Sales is an emotional strengthening for the would be salesperson, straightforward, honest, compassionate. It is bound not only to help one increase sales, but also to increase ones enjoyment of the HERE and NOW."

- Mark Lipski, Human Mining Engineer and Humane Educator

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